NnF CERAM® - Inorganic nanofibers (3D cotton like & powder like materials)

Inorganic nanofibers are special function materials in the form of thin fibers, which possess very high accessibility of its surface enhanced many times by the inner porosity of the fiber material.

Its benefit in batteries, catalyst, abrasives or composite material is the ultra-high surface accessible for gas, liquid or solid material.

The benefit over nanoparticles is that nanoparticles are not porous, they have different morphology so they can settle down and do not allow the medium to contact with the surface and they are very difficult to fix in defined place.

To be used for instance in:

Li-ion batteries anode or cathode; Li-ion battery/Fuel cell separator; other kind of batteries anodes, cathodes or separators; Catalyst, Catalyst support; photo catalyst; gas sensors; thermal insulators; metal or ceramics nano-composites; sorbents; abrasives; thermal barrier coatings; filtration etc.

NnF CERAM® formulations can be for instance:

NnF CERAM® – Al2O3, NnF CERAM® – TiO2, NnF CERAM® – CeZrO4, NnF CERAM® – LTO, NnF CERAM® – SiO2 SORBENT, NnF CERAM® – SiO2 ELSP, NnF CERAM® – SiO2 CFSP, NnF CERAM® – ZrO2 and many others

Forming into different shapes by different technologies:

Paper making technology – thanks to cotton like structure it is possible to prepare sheets (paper rolls) by paper making technology

Printing – it is possible to print thin films by 3D printers

Dr Blade – it is possible to make thin layer by Dr.Blade method