Masks and patches based on nanofibers

State-of-the-art nanofiber material suitable for patches and plasters for dermatological and dermocosmetic use, and as a revolutionary type of material for cosmetic masks.

Nanofiber cosmetic masks


There are 2 types:


  1. Nanofiber cosmetic masks – the mask with the nanofiber layer without active ingredients. Such mask can be used with any kind of cream, gel, serum etc. Due to its actions the mask helps such dermal products to be more efficient.


  • It opens the pores for more effective absorption of aplied cream, gel, serum etc.
  • At the same time it enables the skin to breathe, so it is suitable also for very sensitive skin


  1. Nanofiber layer for plasters and patches -nanofiber mask due to its structure is able to be incorporated with any kind of active ingredience. From organic ones like herb extracts and oils, through vitamins to inorganic ingredients like gold, and all other ingredients you can immagine.


  • due to the process of incorporation the final mask is dry
  • the mask does not need any kind of preservative to keep the long shelf life.
  • The upper layer covering the nanofiber layer itself can be  incorporated by any kind of colour and aroma
  • The mask contains only active ingredients, no additives and any other substances
  • The quantity of active ingredients can be much higher than in standard masks


Please note that the nanofiber layer itself does not enter the skin at all. It remains unchanged as regards the structure.


Any type of cosmetic mask can be designed on request.


Nanofiber layer for plasters and patches


The same nanofiber material which works for cosmetic masks can be used for different kinds of plasters and patches in pharmaceutical industry

Due to its nature it can be incorporated by any kind of active ingredient as pain killers, healing substances etc.

It can be composed so that the active ingredients can be released once or it can be of prolonged release.

With the same benefits of no preservatives necessary.

Any type of such plaster or patch can be designed on request.