We and our partners provide the complete scale of services:

  • research and development – based on present experiences we are able to create new solutions for particular customer needs, and to develop the prototypes
  • in case the client has his own solution, we/our partner optimize the solution for our technology on lab scale
  • we optimize the process on the production line and prepare samples for testing and evaluation
  • we provide the laboratory tests and pre-manufacturing tests on our own machines
  • we are able to construct the new machines for particular products to make the tests
  • we provide industrial production for our partners
  • we provide the manufacturing including the one in „clean“ premises, in our own premises
  • we provide technology transfer, so we develop the product including all testing, construct the machine and provide all the cooperation to settle the machine and the production in the premises of our client

Important information: only rare companies being active in nano-business can provide also the long experience in manufacturing in own premises. Our partners are among these very rare ones.